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    According to the Harvard University Medical School Publications, an article stated that there are many health benefits to practicing Taichi Qigong.  Not only does it addresses the key components of fitness that people are accustomed to (muscle strength, flexibility, balance, aerobic conditioning), studies have shown that it can benefit those with arthritis, low bone density (osteoporosis), breast cancer, heart disease, heart disease, hypertension, Parkinson’s, sleep problems or even stroke.  Generally those who are suffering chronic illness or recovering from injury or major surgery can take advantage of the health benefits of practicing Taichi with Qigong.

    Chen Style Xinyi Taichi 24-Step:

    Chen Style Xinyi Taichi 46-Step:

    Tai Chi Quan is the ancient Chinese art and science of meditation through movement.  Famous for its relaxing appearance, it consists of unbroken and flowing rhythmic movements.  Through proper breathing control and concentration, Tai Chi will help the practitioner to achieve complete mental control, physical and emotional well-being, and inner peace.  There are many styles of Tai Chi, but all of them at the highest levels combine hard and fast power with the soft, flowing internal strength to produce one of the most widely known martial art today.

    The father of Tai Chi was a Taoist from Wu Dang Mountain, Zhang Shanfeng.  The exact biography of Zhang is unknown, but he has been attributed as the creator of the fundamental ‘Thirteen Postures’ of Tai Chi.  Later on, Wan Zhong E and his disciple, Jiang Fa elaborated Zhang’s theories and writings to produce continuous movement sequences, thus creating a kungfu system which resembles the contemporary Tai Chi Quan.   However, it was Jiang who began spreading Tai Chi by opening a school and teaching the martial art (now known as Chen-style Tai Chi) to the local villagers of Honan.

    Chen Style Xinyi Taichi

    Chen Style Xinyi Taiji Class is based on foundation of Chen-style Taiji, and combined with his unique style of Xin Yi Liu He Qigong, from Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.


    Xinyi Internal Qigong; self-acupressure through relaxed body movements; joints rotation; Form for Qi-releasing


    With practice and perseverance , innate Qi can be re-invigorated throughout one’s body.

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