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Here is a list of some Mantis content we have released for FREE:

–  7-Star Mantis Quick Lesson 1 – Bung Bo – Kicks:

–  7-Star mantis Quick Lesson 2 – Elbow Concepts:
–  7-Start Mantis Quick Lesson 3 – Striking Techniques and Fighting Concepts:
–  Interview with Dr. Wu – 400 Year Old Kung Fu Decoded:
–  Interview with Dr. Wu – Bruce Lee’s Secret Kungfu:
–  Interview with Dr. Wu – Real vs Fake Kungfu:
–  Interview with Dr. Wu – The MMA of Chinese Kungfu:
–  Interview with Dr. Wu – Some Mantis Techniques could be easily misunderstood:
–  And lastly, kind of interesting, 7-Star Mantis Zoom Class (testing the Zoom app, sorry we are not offering this yet):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7EUsnKjsOIIn the 7-Star Mantis Bung Bo Online/DVD Course:
–  Total Run Time of 3+ hours of Master Yingsheng (Wilson Wu) teaching the famous Bung Bo / Beng Bu / Crushing Step form
–  Form demonstrations:  Full speed, Half speed, slow speed, and 3 different angles (front, left, right)
–  Form movement/step-by-step instruction
–  Punching/hand Techniques
–  Mantis Hand Applications
–  Mantis Kicking Techniques
–  Mantis Stances
–  Mantis sparring set Applications
–  Top 10 Mantis Techniques

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