Stone Therapy

Bianshi (Bian stone) is the head of Chinese five traditional medicals, was revealed in two thousand years. Bian in Chinese dictionary means pressing on the skin with a stone needle to cure the disease. The Bian Stone are generally used as an instrument similar to acupuncture needles.

Bian Stone therapy is usually started with a warming up TCM massage to open up the meridian of body, followed by a series of Bian Stone treatment with pre-heated Bian Stone. We will heat up the stones by soaking them in Chinese Herbal Medicine, then place the stone on acupuncture points, Dr. Wu will use sensing, pressing, rolling, rubbing, pricking, scratching and knocking technique through the Bian Stone on acupuncture points.

The natural far-infrared radiation and other physical properties of this stone will enhance the flow of blood and circulation of Qi, thus proving to be an effective curative and relief method. This therapy can be applied with other traditional Chinese Medicine therapy, such as Acupuncture, or Cupping to achieve the optimal effect on cervical vertebra disease.

Other than back and neck, Bian Stone therapy is also beneficial for relieving muscular aches and stiffness, detoxifying and stimulating circulation of blood and lymph, correcting digestive disorders and inducing a deep feeling of relaxation.

In short, Bian Sone therapy is a totally safe, non-invasive therapy, which can improve our circulation effectively and therefore, accelerate healing and rehabilitation.

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