Taichi & Qigong

Learn the Chinese art of meditation through movement while regulating the equilibrium of yin and yang in the body.  We can teach 12, 24, 48, push hands and qigong exercises for all ages.

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Bagua Zhang

Baguazhang combines Taoism Tianzun Qigong and martial arts. Its characteristic is walking in circles, with body twisting and has great health fitness and self-defense functions.

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Xin Yi / Xingyi

Xin Yi Liu He is a very old Chinese internal martial art, originally created by a famous military leader, General, Yue Fei.  There are many branches– changed to Xingyi.

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Mantis Kung-Fu

We teach 7-Star Praying Mantis Kung-Fu (Tanglangquan) from the Luo Guang Yu lineage that traces directly back to the origins of Wang Lang, as well as our Chin Woo system.

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Online Learning

Learn Taichi in 6 Weeks!

2 Classes per week for 6 weeks (1 Lesson and 1 Practice)…all online!  Step-by-step instructions.  Fast and easy using Zoom!  Currently offered in Chinese.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the most popular combat sports nowadays, and definitely one of the most effective ways to keep your mind and body in a perfect shape. Skilled trainers, professional hardware and eight different groups depending on your level, age and schedule preferences.


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Online Classes

Traditional Chinese MMA

Perfect muscle tone, perfect reaction, perfect stamina and and brave heart – all these kinds are crucial for being a mixed martial arts fighter. And these are the kinds you will gain training in our club under the watchful eye of world famous mentors.

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