Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang

10th generation successor to Chen Style Taijiquan

Grandmaster Feng, (1928-2012), was the 18th generation successor to Chen Style Taijiquan and one of the preeminent martial artists in China. His numerous posted and tittled of honor include Board Member of the China Wushu Association, Advisor to the Beijing Wushu Association, Chairman of the Beijing Chen Style Taijiquan Research Association and President of Zhiqiang Wushu Academy.

Grandmaster Feng was the beneficiary of two great teachers. Legendary Grandmaster Chen Fake, the 9th generation standard-bearer of Chen Style Taijiquan, passed on to him all he knew. Grandmaster Hu Yaozhen, a renowned practitioner of Xinyi Liuhe Quan and Qigong, also transmitted to him the true essence of his knowledge. Because of his unique martial arts education and more than half a century of dedicated training and research, Grandmaster Feng was acknowledged as the foremost authority on Chen Style Taijiquan today.

Grandmaster Feng attached great importance to both inheritance and innovation. He created Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan to express the true principle underlying the movements of all things. His system integrates Xinyi with Taiji and Qigong to provide both health benefits and self-defensive skills.

The fundamental principle of Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan is that, while designed for health and self-defense, it focuses on health; while alternating movements with stillness, it emphasizes stillness; and while simultaneously training the internal and the external, it gives priority to the internal. Grandmaster Feng’s guiding principle is that the internal and external should act in unison; the upper and lower body should follow each other; the whole body should move in coordination and the Hunyuan integrity state should be cultivated.

Grandmaster Feng had taught Taiji widely and tirelessly. He had published several books that generously share knowledge that had never been publicly revealed. Taiji is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, but he had traveled to many countries to present it as a gift to the would. A fruitful tree appeals wordlessly.

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