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YS Qi Gong Health Centre Leader and Instructor Program

Dr. Yingsheng Wu has introduced this program due to the following reasons:

  • Maintain a high level of quality standards among students
  • Effectively introduce Internal Kungfu and Qigong system to more people in the society

YS Qi Gong Health Centre Leader and Instructor Program

After completing the program, students may be a certified coach at Y.S. Qi Gong Health Centre. The Class Leader and Coach Program have different categories. Students may only be a certified coach in the respective category that he/she has passed the examination. The categories are as follows:

  • 6-Form Chen StyleTaichi
  • 12-Form Chen Style Taichi
  • 24-Form Chen Style Taichi
  • Yi Wu Health Ruler
  • Xinyi Liuhe
  • Bagua Palm
  • Chin Woo Kungfu

Coaches have the following benefits:

  • May teach the respective forms individually by the permission of Dr.Yingsheng Wu
  • May follow or represent Dr.Yingsheng Wu in domestic or International Kungfu Events
  • May become a judge in Kungfu Exams or Competitions
  • May be taught more advanced technique by Dr.Yingsheng Wu
Requirement: Only selected students may enter this training course. Students will demonstrate the respective forms in front of the class while Dr.Yingsheng Wu is present. However, class leader does not have permission to teach students individually. During the course, students are expected to learn the movements in a greater detail.
Requirement: Class leaders must have a minimum of 100 hours of leading experience in class prior to taking the coach training course. In the course students are going to learn each movement in-depth and learn how to teach the respective forms in an effective way. Students may also be granted permission to teach other student basic techniques during the class.
Before taking the coach examination, students must take the class leader and coach course and be granted to take the examination by Dr.Yingsheng Wu. The exam syllabus will be announced by Dr.Yingsheng Wu prior to the examination. After passing the examination, students may become a coach in the respective category.   After being a certified coach, students’ journey in learning the Hunyuan system is not at an end. Certified coaches must attend a technique improvement course yearly.

Note: In order to maintain the high quality standard of Internal Kungfu and Qigong system, only certified coaches may be granted to teach individually. Any students violating this rule will be expelled as a member at Y.S. Qi Gong Health Centre.

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