Dr. Ying Sheng (Wilson) Wu

Doctor of TCM, Registered Acupuncturist

Doctor Wu is a well respected Kung Fu master and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, Canada. The Wu’s lineage has had many generations which have been connected to Chin Woo Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Master Wu began his Kung Fu training at the early age of four. His breadth of knowledge spans across northern and southern styles of Kung Fu, covering both internal and external styles of martial arts. Eventually, he became a disciple of Sun Zhi Jun, a Bagua grandmaster, and Feng Zhi Qiang, a grandmaster of Chen style Tai Chi. At this point in time, Master Wu focuses on the internal style of Kung Fu, which includes research, training, and instructing.

Currently, Doctor Yingsheng Wu is:

  • A 4th generation successor of Shang style Xingyi
  • A 4th generation successor of Cheng style Bagua
  • An 11th generation successor of Chen style Tai Chi
  • A 2nd generation successor of Hunyuan Tai Chi

Doctor Wu contributes to the art of Kung Fu through his ability in combining classical Chinese philosophy with modern training and education. He has extracted the essence of traditional Chinese Kung Fu by blending scientific training methods to re-capture the hidden secret powers of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Doctor Wu has a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Zhongshan University China. He has also studied the The Book of Changes, known as ‘I Ching’.  As Doctor Wu’s father is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he taught him how to appreciate the healthiness of the body, mind and spirit. These are the same principles Doctor Wu uses as a Qigong instructor.

Doctor Yingsheng Wilson Wu is currently:

  • President of the Canadian Chin Woo Athletic Association
  • President of Y.S. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts College
  • Instructor of Qi Gong at the PCU College of Holistic Medicine

CindyDr. Ying Sheng (Wilson) Wu